Wooden Soap Dish

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How to care for your hand made soaps

•Keep the soap away from water. Nothing will make
your soap disintegrate faster than keeping it
constantly wet.
•Water breaks down the
consistency of the soap and makes it necessary
to replace your soap much more frequently.
•The more people who use a bar of soap, the faster
it will need to be replaced. More users means less
time between showers and more time that the
soap will spend wet.
•Avoid storing your soap in a place that is
constantly in contact with water, like in the direct
stream of the shower.
•Let the soap air dry. Allowing the air to dry out its
moisture will make a bar of soap harder (and
therefore less likely to crumble), so that it lasts
longer. The more time your soap spends
completely dry, the longer it will last.
•Always keep your soap in an appropriate soap dish
that allows for drainage.
•A wire rack or a self-draining soap dish is best. •Soap dishes without drainage keep the moisture
longer and will make it harder for your soap to dry
out in between uses.

Although some of the more fancy plastic and stainless steel soap dish designs are funky and cute, unless they have drainage, they are liable to make your soap soggy.

We will be adding these vented soap dishes to the website and soap exfoliating bags soon..

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